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Commercial information
  • +420 724 301 191
  • +420 724 328 527
Technical information
  • +420 724 301 191
  • +420 724 328 527
Orders, quotes, billing
  • +420 724 233 560
  • +420 606 710 721


Image video

About CETRIS cement bonded particleboard  ...
Production and use of CETRIS cement bonded particleboards. The largest manufacturer in Europe. Top quality

BIM Object

The electronic CETRIS catalog for ArchiCAD (BIM)
The electronic CETRIS catalog for ArchiCAD is a supplement (add-on), which is compatible with ArchiCAD 17 and higher version. The supplement contains the following CETRIS range : Walls, front-walls, ceilings, floors, facades, and fireproofing cladding of steel structures.

Assembly videos

How to make ventilated façade from CETRIS Plank boards

How to make ventilated facade from CETRIS Vario boards

Processing of CETRIS boards - NEW 2015

How to make IZOCET floating floor from CETRIS boards

How to make a floor from CETRIS boards on beams