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Cement bonded particleboards CETRIS® HOBBY represent an ideal solution of small structures, repairs or accessories in the garden. The advantages include "small" board formate of 1st quality class allowing for easy handling, processing and installation even in the case of increased thickness of the CETRIS® board. CETRIS® HOBBY boards are made by cutting of the basic format of 3350 x 1250 mm, which prevailingly determines one of the basic dimensions of the board - either 1250 mm or 3350 mm. The second dimension of the board is derived by cutting the basic size and usually varies between 150 to 600 mm. CETRIS® HOBBY boards are not part of standard offer.

Advantages of cement bonded particleboards of CETRIS® include high weather resistance – if aesthetic appearance is not required, surface finish of CETRIS® HOBBY boards is not necessary. CETRIS® HOBBY board may also be installed directly in the ground without impregnation – for example as flowerbed curb, composter, strawberry liner, outdoor staircase, pavement, hot bed frame etc. Using basic tools (circular saw, drill) CETRIS® HOBBY boards may be applied as cladding of small structures, sheds, fence fills etc.