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Ceilings and plinths

Ceilings and plinths

CETRIS® Cement bonded particleboards has also been widely used for horizontal or skew-angle cladding of wooden ceilings or roof structure overlaps. The non-flammable, humidity resistant CETRIS® boards are ideal for outdoor applications, including base moulding cladding. On the basis of requirements for surface finish or appearance different types of CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards can be used.

Plinth may be clad with the basic variant of CETRIS® BASIC. However, when choosing this type of a product it is necessary to respect the composition and properties of the concrete products - heterogeneous look and cement efflorescence natural to all materials with cement bonding.

CETRIS® boards with surface finish CETRIS® FINISH, CETRIS® PROFIL FINISH may be used as surface layers of plinths, roof overlaps, attics etc. When following the technological procedure for mounting and pattern for the ceilings it is possible to create both functional as well as fire resistant ceilings.

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