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Road constructions

Road constructions

Cement bonded particleboards CETRIS® is also widely used in road construction.

This structural multifunctional board is suitable for such complicated construction primarily thanks to its high utility properties, i.e. high resistance against weather conditions.

Use of CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards in road structure building and reconstructions is prevailingly based on permanent shuttering systems in bridge load-bearing structures (between supports or support and prefabricated ledge). CETRIS® board forms a flat bottom (or side) formwork of the prepared element (pillar, support, bridge structure etc.). Concrete laying results in connection of the concrete mix and the formwork CETRIS® board, thus after concrete hardening the CETRIS® board remains built in as an integral part of the structure.

This application does not require treatment of the CETRIS board inside and edge before concrete laying, while the external (visible) side of CETRIS® board may be surface finished after concreting, which in addition to aesthetic effect will further increase weather and frost resistance of the CETRIS® board, thus extending its life.

The boards are also placed in areas exposed to high load - rotating occurrence of water, frost and defrosting chemical substances. Appropriateness of this use of the CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards has been tested for compliance with the Technical and Quality Requirements for Road Structures. This test is based on ČSN 73 1326 (Specification of cement concrete surface resistance against exposure to water and chemical defrosting agents), the cement bonded particleboards CETRIS® has complied after 100 freezing-defrosting cycles pursuant to both A and C methods.

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