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Electronic catalogue for ArchiCAD


Easier designing of structures with cement-bonded CETRIS® particleboards

For your convenience, we have prepared a complete portfolio of our products in the form of an electronic catalogue of 3D elements with programmed parameters and functions. The electronic library of structures for BIM is a digital format of the technical catalogue CETRIS® Documents for Building Designing and Implementation. Thanks to its implementation into ArchiCAD, REVIT or ALLPLAN environments, the architects and designers are no longer bothered with complicated search for structures with the cement-bonded CETRIS® particleboards. This library enables very effective application of elements used in the project, thus facilitating creation of very accurate reports.

The electronic CETRIS® catalogue is an ArchiCAD, REVIT or ALLPLAN accessory to. To use it, it is necessary to download and start an installer, which allows the user to choose for which versions of CAD program he wants to use it. There is a Czech and an English version. After installation, the tool can be found in the "DEKSOFT" - "CETRIS" menu. The use of the cement-bonded CETRIS® particleboards is varied. Therefore, the accessory offers several options for the use of this range of products, thus saving the user's time.

The BIM accessory significantly facilitates creation of sandwich structures from the CETRIS® board for walls, floors, ceilings and facades. There are several filters where the user can select parameters of the desired structure – for example fire resistance, thickness of the structure, acoustic properties, maximum weight or maximum height.

You can view here the complete library of materials and compositions freely without need of using CAD programs. In addition to selecting suitable compositions in the database, you can also use free add-on programs for specialists (THERMIC TECHNOLOGY 1D, ACOUSTICS and STANDARDS OF MATERIALS). If you already have a DEKSOFT account, you will be able to logg in directly. For those not yet registered, only a simple registration is required. After completion of registration, you will be automatically granted a set up of the license for the programs.

The accessory is compatible with the programmes Archicad 18 - 23 , Revit 2016 – 2021, Allplan 2019 – 2020, CADKON+ 2019, 2020 for Windows and macOS.

The installers are common to all software, differing only in the operating system used:

  • for Windows
  • for macOS

Files for download