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Use of cement bonded particleboards CETRIS® allows quick and cheap new floor laying without use of wet processes, or improvement of acoustic and heat insulating properties of the existing floor structure. CETRIS® boards have been successfully used for renovation of old wooden floors as the load-bearing layer over beams or in light floating floor systems. Together with heat insulating materials the boards create a flooring structure with the necessary insulating properties and fire protection. Thanks to its heat conductivity this kind of flooring system allows various types of floor heating systems.
The principle on which these floors are based is creation of a homogeneous load-distributing layer of cement bonded particleboards CETRIS® of the following types:
  • Tongue and groove connected boards in one layer (thickness >= 16mm)
  • Straight edge boards in two layers (minimum thickness 2 x 12mm)
Use of CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards floors :
  • new construction of residential and civil buildings
  • reconstruction and sanitation of buildings
  • floors in superstructures and attic additions
  • mounted buildings
  • office, administration and school premises
  • etc.
Advantages of CETRIS®cement bonded particleboards floors :
  • simple and fast mounting without any wet processes
  • low surface mass of the flooring structure
  • excellent sound and heat insulating ability of lightweight laminated floors
  • ability to level out different height levels
  • possibility to combine various systems of floors as needed (different values of utility load)
  • the floor is able to be walked on immediately after mounting
  • possibility to use a wide range of flooring materials

for this system can be downloaded in PDF format.

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How to choose the right board:

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