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is a cement bonded particleboard with pre-drilled holes and smooth cement surface

Technical data sheet for download


CETRIS® AKUSTIC is a cement bonded particleboard with pre-drilled holes and smooth cement surface.

Cement bonded particleboard CETRIS® AKUSTIC is a board made by processing (drilling regularly spaced holes) of the CETRIS® BASIC board type.

In addition to the existing high mechanical parameters, such treatment improves the noise transmission properties. If the plain – basic board CETRIS® shows exceptionally high sound transmission loss, the drilled boards is an absorbent acoustic cladding element.

In comparison to other acoustic cladding materials using of cement bonded particleboards CETRIS® AKUSTIC in addition assures resistance to mechanical breaking and to humidity – all with simultaneous high flame reaction class (A2 -s1,d0). These parameters predestine the new CETRIS® board type for use as absorbing acoustic cladding mainly to sporting facilities, rooms with variable temperature and humidity and specific requirement buildings.

Technical specifications:

Basic size:1 250 × 625 mm
Board thickness:8, 10 mm (on the basis of agreement 12, 14 mm)
Bulk density:1 150 - 1 450 kg/m3
Surface weight:th. 8 mm – 10 kg/m2, th. 10 mm – 12,5 kg/m2
Service:Drilled holes – awerage 12 mm, Hole spacing 30 – 32 mm (See figure)
Relief type:smooth
Surface finish:without surface finish
Technical data sheet for download

Suitable for systems:

Tloušťka desky CETRIS® AKUSTIC
mm Kč / m2
8 --
10 --

Na cementotřískové desky CETRIS® byl vydán ES certifikát shody č. 1020-CPD-070030188.

Všechny uvedené ceny jsou bez DPH s odběrem ve výrobním závodě CETRIS Hranice. Dodací a platební podmínky se řídí Všeobecnými obchodními a dodacími podmínkami CIDEM Hranice, a. s. platnými pro rok 2018.

CETRIS® board properties

Cement bonded particleboards CETRIS® combine favourable features of cement and wood.

They are lighter than conventional cement-fibre boards, their strength and resistance against weather conditions, frost and mould ranks them higher than cement bonded chipboards or gypsum plasterboards.

    Board composition

  • 0%Wood
  • 0%Cement
  • 0%Water
  • 0%Hydration additives

CETRIS® boards are:

Fire resistant

CETRIS®cement bonded particleboards are fire resistant and their classification according to flame reaction pursuant to the European standard EN 13 501-1 is A2-s1, d0–non-flammable.

Environment friendly

CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards are ecological and environment friendly. They contain no hazardous substances such as asbestos and formaldehyde and they are resistant to petrol and oils.


CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards are frost resistant, tested successfully by 100 freezing-defrosting cycles pursuant to ČSN EN 1328 standard.

Weather resistant

CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards is the best material for wet rooms and weather-exposed exteriors for its excellent humidity resistance.

Hygienic harmless

CETRIS® boards are hygienic harmless, odourless and contain no hazardous substances.

Perfect sound barrier

CETRIS® boards provide for acoustic insulation (sound transmission loss 30 – 35 dB).

Fungi and mould resistant

Moulds are not formed on the board surface thanks to the CETRIS® board resistance to humidity.

Insect resistant

CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards are absolutely insect resistant thanks to their cement content.

Delivery times

  • The service dates are for information only, depending on the number of confirmed orders
  • The dates are added in the case of more service ordering
  • The delivery times for CETRIS® FINISH, LASUR boards already include dates of other services (the deadline already includes cutting, drilling or bevelling)
Cutting17 weeks
Drilling and chamfering9 weeks
Sanding12 weeks
Milling (tongue & groove)13 weeks
Painting (CETRIS PLUS, CETRIS FINISH, etc)14 weeks